Military Transit Cases for Rough Shipping and Handling

While the cargo shipping industry has grown to great lengths over the years thanks to the emergence of E-Commerce, the shipping of sensitive and delicate materials remains a more complicated procedure because of the sheer sensitivity or importance of the products being transported. However, with Carris Cases protective cases, the process is simple and hassle-free.

In terms of protective case manufacturers in India, Carris Cases is the premier service provider with services ranging from optical equipment, missile equipment, medical equipment, armaments, rugged laptops for use in harsh military terrain, defence equipment and avionics equipment.

The credibility of the company is perhaps underlined by the fact that it is the transit case manufacturer and provider for the Indian Army, Naval Systems, Defence and Avionics. The wide range of products include transit cases, drop boxes, automotive components, road safety barriers and water storage systems.

Moreover, these best-in-class utilities are available in numerous sizes that encompass single-lid, double-lid and trolley cases, based on your requirements. But one aspect that is common in all cases is the sheer durability of the cases.

The durability is tested by performing a series of durability tests that ensure their ability to handle heavy and bulky objects and ease of transportation in case they need to be sent where standard ground procedures are not available.

Why Carris Cases ?

1) Polythene Material:

Carris Cases uses FDA-approved food grade virgin material in addition to other additives to ensure that the cases meet military standards of durability and high-quality performance.

2) Designed to Defend:

Whatever may be the prevailing physical conditions, Carris Cases has you protected. Foams in different types and density are being used for the ultimate protection of equipment in due course of any abusive physical condition.

3) Eco-Friendly:

Carris Cases is a packing case manufacture that ensures the compliance of its products to environmental policies and ensures an Eco-friendly nature.

4) Antistatic:

Carris Cases transit cases are designed specifically in such a way that they are able to prevent the building up of static electricity by retaining the necessary moisture in order to electrical conduction.

5) 6G shock with full payload:

Carris Cases military transit cases are capable of withstanding an astounding 6g shock with a full payload, thereby adding features that make life easy for integrators and eco-friendly for operators.

6) Recyclable and Reusable:

Carris Cases protective cases can be recycled and reused for a multitude of purposes that transcend just the transit of sensitive products or materials.

7) Lightweight:

Carris Cases transit cases are duly designed to be lightweight in order for easy shipping and to make the loading and unloading of goods easier. However, there is no compromise on durability and sturdiness.

8) Air and watertight:

Your equipment will be safely protected from precipitation and moisture to avoid any kind of wear and tear.

9) No health hazards:

The cases are 100% safe to use and contain absolutely no health hazards whatsoever.

10) Corrosion and fungus resistant:

Carris Cases protective cases are corrosion-proof and resistant to solvents and acids and remain stable through a wide range of temperatures.

So what are you waiting for?

Post an inquiry today and let the experts in transit case manufacturing take over your load.

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