Alternatives to a Pelican case for shipping your equipment

What are the Pelican Cases?

Pelican cases are a well known protective shell case that is constructed using molded plastic containers which prevent any kind of damages to the gear that are stored in them while they are being transported. These cases are airtight, water-resistant and also consists of a barometric relief valve which can prevent any pressure damage or environmental change in air pressure during transportation.

Advantages of using a pelican case:

1. Long-term durability

2. These cases are made from high-impact copolymer that can withstand even the sharpest of falls

3. It provides enhanced security due to its efficient lock handle system

4. Protects your equipment with internal form cushion inserts

Considering the above-mentioned benefits pelican cases have always been a go-to case when it comes to protecting equipment, but there are more economical alternative bands that are as durable as pelican cases with no compromise in quality whatsoever. To make your choice easier below mentioned is one of the best alternatives that can match the durability and quality of pelican cases.

ATA case is also known as road case or flight case is a type of shipping containers that are specially designed to protect equipment that is sensitive in nature. These cases are constructed using rigid panels and aluminum extrusions welded together.

These cases are generally used by musicians to transport a valuable or fragile piece of equipment which can be customized according to the need and preference of the customer. Here are a few types of equipment where ATA cases can be used:

– Musical equipment

– Lighting equipment

– Sound and video equipment

– Trade show displays

– Electronic equipment

– Production equipment

– Amplifiers and many more

Features of ATA case:

1. These cases are drop-resistance, impact-resistant, dust-resistant, corrosion free, airtight and watertight

2. They absorb shock and have great vibration tolerance. Apart from this optional shock-mounted rack frames can also be added to the cases.

3. Since the ATA cases have been designed using high-grade materials such as polyethylene, plywood, and aluminum it makes them rugged which are suitable for shipping fragile equipment from one point to the other without causing any damage.

Advantages of ATA case:

1. Each case can be customised and built to fit your specific needs

2. ATA cases are heavy-duty and resistant to a lot of environmental and physical factors making it durable.

3. To ensure complete protection from any damage internal foam cushion is installed inside the case.

4. These cases can be used along with additional features such as drawers, dividers, shelves, handles, ventilation, power supply and many more which makes them one of the most commonly used cases in the entertainment, military, sports and medical industry.

This specific alternative shows that ATA cases can meet almost all needs, whereas a plastic case may not be able to do that. ATA cases can be customised to meet all your needs in different categories whereas a pelican case might not be able to meet all of them. Therefore it is very important for the packaging expert to provide you with complete knowledge about the various cases and help you determine which case will be beneficial for you depending on your needs.

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