Flood Relief Operation by Indian Military in Kerala

Kerala flood ends up in some disastrous events as the water receded at a tremendous pace which killed over 350 people. The flood is said to be the worst hit in south India in the past many decades. There are many relief camps all over India that are providing enough efforts to save the people and the state. There have been many donation camps like Khalsa Aid, and many other online transactions have been made directly to the Cheif Minister’s account.

The Indian Army has deployed 10 relief columns, and there are 10 engineer task forces that are in the rescue mission for Kerala to aide and give the rescue mission a much-needed pace. As there was a statement made by the ministry of defense which says, “There was a total of 10 flood relief columns, and there was over 65 personnel that were carrying out the rescue mission.”

Where were the flood relief columns deployed?

The flood relief columns have been deployed in many states that were by the coast or the states that were more prone to water with the water level rising to the top of their houses. The columns were deployed in:
 Thiruvananthapuram
 Pathanamthitta
 Ernakulam
 Aluwa (Ernakulam)
 Adimali (Idukki)
 Karuvarukundu and Nilambur (Malappuram)
 Kozhikode
 Marathwada (Wayanad)
 Ayyankunnu (Kannur)

With all these relief columns, the task forces were playing a significant role with an approx. of 40 personnel in them. They all were from Pune, Bhopal, Bangalore, and Jodhpur as they were into action at that time.

How is Army Taking over the rescue mission?
Well, to help the entire area prone to water, the army is using numerous military boats for the rescue operation to evacuate the citizens. There are so many things that have been done to help these flood-affected areas, and even in the rain, the Indian army is not giving up on anything and they have been working 24×7 by making temporary bridges that are being used for the 38 remote areas to stay connected and with all these efforts made by the Indian army, there are over 3.5K personnel that is rescued.

With the help of a donation from many NGO’s and many other means, there are so much of relief materials that have been sent to over 19 villages with all the medical aid to help those 500-600 civilians of the state. Not only that, there were over 3000 meals and 300 life jackets that have been added to the saving of people in the state.

However, the death toll is still rising with over a number of 324 civilians has been found dead and some of them are still missing. It has been one of the worst floods that hit the nation in the past many years, and the whole India unites as a nation to serve their small efforts to help the suffering state. The CMO (Chief Minister of India) has made a tweet saying,”There are 324 lives that have been affected by the flood and over 1500 relief camps are serving over 223130 people in the state.”

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