4 Reasons to Choose Injection Molded Custom Cases

Before we get into the benefits of injection molded cases let us first understand the meaning of a few terms related to the above topic.

What do you mean by injection molding?

Injection molding is a simple process wherein small plastic pellets are melted inside a heated barrel which is then injected into the cavity. Once the mold has been filled with enough plastic the pressure forces the molten plastic and the mold is closed. The plastic is then held under high pressure until it has hardened. Once it has solidified the mold is opened and the cooled molded plastic cases are then ejected.

The solution for any business application is using injected molding cases as they have an ultralight Shell case that is designed in bulk for any demanding applications. These plastic hard cases are waterproof, long-lasting and are constructed out of high-quality materials which are a perfect fit for your company applications.

Here are 4 reasons as to why it is beneficial to invest in a custom case:

  1. Choosing injection molded custom plastic cases can save you a significant amount of money. There are a few aspects where you will be able to save money:
  • In custom shipping cases and transportation.
  • The designing and production of these cases are cheaper than other options that are made available to companies.
  • 1. In this method, materials are not wasted during the production process, as the leftover plastic can be used in the next cycle again.

2. When compared to aluminum custom cases, custom plastic cases have more strength and are resistant to damage and corrosion because thermoplastics are used in the process thereby making it even stronger.

3. One of the main benefits of custom plastic cases is that it can be customized. You can create a versatile case that will directly fit your company’s needs. Foam inserts are further used in the custom plastic cases making it the perfect fit for your product and equipment. These cases are used to store, transport any kind of tools, equipment, and military equipment

4. Injection molding allows you to create complicated shapes for your custom plastic cases. You can add more ribbing to increase their integrity, make it waterproof, air proof and enhance the overall shock absorption of your custom case. It also makes the custom cases lightweight which becomes easier to carry during travel and also results in lower cost when it comes to checking the case for air travel.

These custom cases are made for every type of industry as it undergoes a series of various parameters before it is delivered to our customer base. Below mentioned are a few tests that the custom plastic cases undergo:

(i) Quality assurance test

(ii) Process control monitoring test

(iii) Drop testing to see how strong and durable these custom cases are

Injection molding plastic cases are popular and are an effective way to create custom cases on a massive scale. They are straightforward, reliable and they also make a perfect fit for more complicated custom case designs.

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