Check out Rugged Injection Molded Cases From Carris Cases

Do you need to mass deliver cases to protect sensitive items, yet aren’t sure what sort of transit cases best meet your requirements? If you require waterproof, rugged, and long-lasting cases, the rugged injection molded cases from Carris Cases is the ideal met for your requirements. Carris Cases has some expertise in designing custom cases. Regardless of what the application, their flight cases are worked to withstand the rigors of overall transport. It is intended to ensure any hardware put away inside by tailoring the foam. Carris Cases offers transit cases in various customizable shapes and sizes.

These tough injection molded cases protect substance from water and dust. Venting hooks naturally adjust pressure differential inside the case when opened and seal the case against gas exchange when the case is shut. Injection molded cases give all climate protection and can be fitted with lightweight internally attached LD45 polyethylene closed cell foam which gives the ideal “nest” to shield your hardware from rough treatment.

Features of rugged injection molded case

Numerous choices make this hard protective carrying case adaptable to most applications. Perfect protection for instrumentation, test equipment, sales presentation packages, photographic equipment, for example, cameras and lenses, weapons and other sensitive equipment. Some of the features of the rugged injection-molded case are:

● Intense ABS construction that can withstand a 7-foot drop to concrete
● Cushioned fold-down ABS handle
● ABS snap locks
● Venting locks equalize when opening and seal when shut
● Pressure leveling valve permits simple opening after height or temperature change
● Interlocks in stacks with same or blended sizes
● Presence of optional client configurable pluck foam filling

Advantages of a rugged injection-molded case:

Some of the added benefits of using the rugged injection molded cases from Carris Cases are:

Rugged: The primary significant favorable advantage of Carris Cases injection molded transit cases are that they are heavy duty, and tough. The molded cases are utilized by the military for their shock and dent resistance. The injection molded transit cases even give impact resistance at low temperatures that can make cases of inferior quality weak and cause them to split with effect.

Waterproof: The injection molded transit cases have been developed to be waterproof so you don’t need to stress over your sensitive equipment being exposed to water regardless of the transportation conditions.

Enduring: On top of being rough, and waterproof, these injection molded cases are developed to last long. Wood will decay, twist or swell, iron or steel will rust, however, the injection molded cases will endure forever. All while staying waterproof, scratch, and break safely.

Adjustable: Finally, injection molded transit cases give unparalleled customization as compared to plastic cases. The high-pressure injection molding procedure takes into consideration nitty gritty molding to be finished. This takes into account sharp, and clearly defined designs, to be integrated into the plastic surface, designed that can’t be duplicated utilizing rotational molding. Injection molded cases can be built to transport or store any sized item. What’s more, after the molding procedure, these cases can be accessorized with wheels, augmentations, handles, or other physical adjustments to make the case fit to your requirement.

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